This track is based off of John Carpenter's legendary film "The Thing"!


**All lyrics written by Indigestible Suppuration**

Mysterious assimilation
Indeterminable classification
Misunderstood discovery
That strives for supremacy
Laying dormant for eons
Brooding insidious intentions
Indiscriminate killing spree
Heralding calamity

The Thing

Dragged out of my frozen womb
Gestation of murderous rage
Infesting the earthborn beings
Rid this world of the unclean
Nothing more than a warm host
They must pay for my arousal
I shall make this world barren
Price of my reprisal

Pathogenic contamination
Self-inflicted amputation


My form twists in agony
Exuding unearthly screams
As my innards dissolve into nothing
Now I must be cleansed by the flame

No chance of rejection
The invasion is imminent

Destroyed from the inside out
Every orifice leaks essential fluids
Designed for global genocide

No hope
For MacReady

No hope
For Blair

No hope
For Fuchs

No hope
For Childs

No hope
For Garry

No hope
For Windows

No hope
For Copper

No hope
For Norris


from Indigestible Suppuration (Demo Preview), released December 24, 2012
Anonymous: Guitars/Drum Programming/Vocals
Ethan Kuhn: Vocals
Jon Burkan: Vocals/Lyrics



all rights reserved


Indigestible Suppuration Columbus, Ohio

Spawned by friends who wanted to put out some of the heaviest brutal death metal in the history of Ohio, Indigestible Suppuration has come to burst some ear drums with their brand of domestic auditory terrorism.

Taking a complete DIY approach, I.S. strives to bring its listeners indescribable brutality in the form of heavy slams, relentless guttural vocals, and razor sharp riffs.

Stay tuned!
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